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How we got started:

Austin McGee and Eva Dwyer started a club called The Nature Club. It all happened back in 1997 when Austin was watching a nature show and someone on television said that many kids were working hard to save wild animals. One day a few weeks after the show, Austin told Eva about the show and asked her if she wanted to start a nature club. She said "Sure. Why don't we call it 'The Nature Club'?" So Austin said "O.K."

Then they started getting more friends and more friends to join the club until finally they had about two pages full of all their names. We held up for another month and then we planned to start the club but it didn't work out. So they tried an event were able to make it work. They have finally got the club started and made this web site. They held their first activity at Maxwell Park on May, 17th, 1998. A trash pickup and barbecue. They are going to have many future events that follow its setup.

See for yourself:

If you would like to see how the Nature Club works for yourself, come visit one of our upcoming events.